Chris Farrell Review – Creating An Online Business For Residual Profits

Building An Online Residual Income Platform From Scratch

Years ago, when Chris Farrell started his attempt to make money online, he endured many of the initial struggles that 99% of us face. He was quickly humbled by the sheer intensity and disorientation of information overload. The concept of creating a residual income online is simple. However, this simplicity is only superficial, and the proverbial “bone” that is thrown stops there.

The reasons many take on the challenge of making money online are multitudinous, but the fact is, the hype and exaggerated marketing of “make money online” creates the illusion that it’s easy. Once reality hits them like a brick wall, 98% drop off like flies and never succeed in making a single dime on the web. Becoming profitable online takes work, and it cannot be achieved without providing real value.

Chris Farrell began to understand that the various minute details (both technical and social) were the problematic part of the equation – not the overall big picture. Earning a passive income online is best started by engaging in affiliate marketing and then reinvesting those profits into developing your own products. It may seem simple enough, but it is quite deceptive.

Doing keyword research, picking the right products, getting a hosting account, setting up a blog or website, writing persuasive sales copy, getting traffic, etc are just some of the areas of building a residual income online that are fraught with many discouraging technical challenges. However, rather than take them all on at once and reinventing the wheel each time, Chris Farrell came upon the idea of developing a template business model that could be implemented successfully over and over again in any niche market online.

When he actualized his first million dollar day within just two years of his online endeavor, he began to realize that he could take this simplified process and help out his friends to do the same. It quickly blew up into an incredibly successful operation, and so he created what is now known as Chris Farrell Membership.

Voted #1 2011, 2012, 2013 by IM Report Card

This membership site is very different from most internet marketing products. First of all, anyone can sign up completely free for instant access with just their name and email. Chris Farrell also never sends any emails that promote other people’s products. He works very hard to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with his subscribers by providing them with real-world knowledge of how anyone can earn a residual income  on the internet quickly.

With the free access, he provides you a full, in-depth video series of how exactly the whole process of making money online works. When you sign up to the actual membership, you get even more training. However, you also are given free hosting for unlimited domains, incredible website templates to create a complete online business in minutes, 24/7 live chat support, traffic-building methods, how to convert visitors into customers and a whole lot more.

If you visit the site, you can actually see all of the Facebook comments people are leaving on his page in real-time! You can even leave a comment on Chris Farrell’s Facebook page right there on the site, and you will see that he is not hiding anything at all. Many of his students are raving about how he has changed their lives by showing them the way to an ever-growing passive income online.

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Free Tao of Badass e-Books & Super Discount Package

If you’re looking to get five free e-books from the Tao system plus a ton of videos, here’s how:

Also, through, you can of course get a super deal on the Tao of Badass membership. You’re also going to get a ton of free bonuses!

Check out the discount & bonuses!

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Here’s what you’ll get through the exclusive discount link above:

  • Tao of Badass e-Book (150 pages)
  • 4 Bonus e-Books
  • 3+ Hours of Video (Hacking Attraction)
  • 6+ Hours of Audio Commentary on Tao of Badass
  • Joshua Pellicer’s Banter Cheat Sheet
  • Subliminal Inner Confidence MP3’s
  • 5-Week Body Language Mastery Course (Learn Sex Appeal)

All of this is regularly sold at $2281. That’s almost a $2300 value!

You get ALL of this at just two payments of $47 with an iron-clad 60-day refund policy.

For more detailed information about these individual items in the bonus package:

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Remember if you just want to start out with getting the free e-books, feel free to do so. Just follow the super simple instructions in the video above. You learn a good bit about relationships and women and how to improve your confidence.

However, if you really want to up your game in a foolproof way…

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If you are ready to be a true badass with women…

Grab this exclusive ULTIMATE package

Just remember where you got this incredible discount and bonus package (only from!

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Free Commissions Review or Scam – Don’t Buy?

This is a Free Commissions review, and you can get the discount here:

Click here for the discount link

Free Commissions supposedly is a streamlined, cookie-cutter software system developed to allow complete internet-know-nothings to make money online with affiliate marketing… Does it sound like a scam?

Perhaps… but let’s take a deeper look into what the Free Commissions review video may otherwise reveal…

Free Commissions Scam?

Tim Alexander, Zak Meftah, and Tim Atkinson created this system because they were fed up with all the lies and guru crap flooding the internet.

They decided the days of up-and-coming affiliate marketers getting scammed should be over for good…

Making money online with affiliate marketing is obviously not a scam. There are literally thousands of people who came from nothing and turned their lives completely around.

A significant amount of these people have even become millionaires. Free Commissions just takes this same basic concept of using the internet to make a passive income and puts it into a dummy-proof format.

Does this mean you’ll make millions as soon as you click “Buy Now”? Of course not!

See… most people think that all they do is buy the software, click a half dozen times, and… wake up a millionaire…

When they wake up the next morning and find nothing more than… well… nothing… They bicker and whine and write it off as a scam.

If you are one of these people, please DO NOT buy it.

On the flip side, if you are someone desperate to improve your life… if you are someone who has the guts, the motivation, and the iron-willed determination to become successful online… You should look no further.

With a 60 day refund policy from ClickSure, there is absolutely no way this product can be a scam…

Worst case scenario: You learned some extremely valuable information within 30 minutes and instantly got your money back.

Best case scenario: I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

People really do make it work every single day. Obviously everyone’s individual results will vary, but there is a good reason Free Commissions is the number one best seller on ClickSure right now.

Customer are loving it!

Hopefully this review helped you out a bit, but again, here is the discount link:

Click here for their best offer – limited time!

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Green App Machine Review: Peng Li’s $1K/Day Mobile Apps In 12 Min?

Can you really make an app in under 12 minutes with Peng Li’s Green App Machine?

You used to have to know how to program in Objective-C, C++, Java or some other nasty coding language and be quite proficient at it if you wanted to make an app.

Well, times have changed…

Green App Machine offers a unique solution for those wanting to express their creativity in the form of mobile application development.

This may seem a bit too good to be true, but why couldn’t it be this way…?

Green App Machine Review of Process

Let’s look at how Peng Li explains it in his Green App Machine review video himself. This is the video from his site:

Review of Peng Li’s Green App Machine

Click Here To Sign Up For Free Instant Access!
Then… grab your free bonus which will allow you to dominate even more in the mobile app development industry!

What Does Peng Li’s Software and Training Entail?

It will teach you much more than just basic mobile app development. It will take you by the hand and show you the most streamlined way to create the most cutting edge apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and every other mobile platform out there.

And… you can literally do all of this in just minutes?

This is where Green App Machine has revolutionized the mobile industry because now anyone can turn their idea into something tangible.

Not only will you learn how to make the coolest apps, you will also become a master mobile marketer. This means that you will get thousands of app downloads from every app store out there every single day.

What does this do for you? It provides you with a passive income stream that just continues to grow. That’s where Peng Li’s claims of making over $1K per day are justified.

Passive Income With Mobile MarketingSee, Peng Li wasn’t the guy who invented the mobile app. He wasn’t the guy who invented the passive income….

He is a bit like Steve Jobs himself… He re-invented how to make a passive income with mobile apps!

Sure, being able to make an app in just a few minutes is pretty cool… but that ain’t gonna cut it if you want to make $1000 per day or more.

You have to know mobile marketing… You have to know how to get thousands of downloads per day.

Again, Peng Li rose to the challenge, and his students having been crushing it by huge numbers!

You will learn how to build a name for your self in the mobile app development industry, and more and more people will start downloading your apps and games. This means that your passive income will just explode, but only if you know how to start right.

Most folks waste too much time getting it wrong right from the start. After they spend months and months trying to figure out how to make an app, they just end up with a buggy, low-grade mobile application that gets no downloads. It’s really like creating your first website. Ever noticed that you spent way too much time on it and no one ever came? Yeah… it’s called the traffic problem. The same thing can happen with your mobile apps.

This is exactly why it is important to check out Green App Machine if you are serious about making it big in the mobile app development industry before the market gets saturated!

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Mobile App Development With Mobile Fast Cash

Many people have always had an idea for creating a mobile application but never really thought they had what it takes for mobile app development. Mobile Fast Cash is a system that is designed to help turn their imagined creation into reality. However, it’s about more than just that. What good is a mobile app or game if you don’t get any downloads?

Most people who get into mobile app development do learn how to make an app, but the problem is that they never really get the most important part – mobile marketing. Once you have successfully created a game or app (which is extremely easy with the software tools available these days), you will need to take advantage of some special loop holes to ensure you get thousands of daily downloads. Most people never really know how to promote their apps and they only get a dozen downloads total. Wouldn’t that just be a complete waste of time?

Well, let’s take a look at this Mobile Fast Cash review to see how it can help you do more than just figure out how to make an app or game for the iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. Mobile Fast Cash is a program designed to help you make an application, and then get your downloads (and passive income) to skyrocket to where you can actually quit your normal day job!

Mobile Fast Cash Review:

Mobile Application Development For A Residual Income?

Find out more here (if it doesn’t load the first time, just click it until it works)

Mobile Fast Cash isn’t just there to expose you to boring programming and development manuals to teach you how to make an app the slow and tedious way. This Mobile Fast Cash review shows you how you can literally build a residual income stream from scratch in a very short amount of time. The advantage of Mobile Fast Cash is that all the fluff is cut out, and they teach you how to go straight to the top right from the get go.

Mobile app development is quickly overtaking internet marketing as the source of passive income for marketers. If you have always dreamed of making an ever-increasing residual income from the internet, you should consider becoming a mobile marketing expert. Imagine if you could combine mobile marketing with internet marketing? You can promote your apps and games in the app stores, but you can also explode your income with viral downloads by advertising your mobile applications and/or games online. You can take advantage of social media sites like Facebook and Google+ or just build up followers on Twitter.

Once your apps really start taking off, you can then use the residual income earnings to get someone to develop a website for you. You can even make an app store for all of your apps on that website. This isn’t really necessary, but I’m sure you will quickly learn the advantages of this once you really start raking in the sales from your apps and games that people find on the iStore, Android Market, etc.

Once you know how to make an app, the possibilities for building a mobile app development business are endless. This is why Mobile Fast Cash was developed. It is the gateway to financial freedom if you exploit the opportunity now (before the market gets saturated like internet marketing).

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Best Passive Income Model Review: Safe, Simple Commissions?

Learning how to become profitable with internet marketing can be quite frustrating. First of all, you have to run through the gauntlet of scams and greedy gurus that are just out to exploit your desperate situation. You’re looking for a legitimate way to earn money on the internet and work from home. They started out the same way, but some of them have just become so greedy that they cut corners and take illegitimate shortcuts to make money online. That means they create scams the promise millions but deliver next to nothing but a dent in your wallet. Is there anything out there that really works? Well, apart from the Chris Farrell Membership, Project First Sale, and the other programs listed here, a new system has just been released.

Can You Make A Passive Income Online With Safe Simple Commissions?

Can you make simple commissions in a safe manner on the internet without being scammed by some guru? The truth is, most of those internet marketing training courses to earn affiliate commissions online really quickly and easily are usually just scams. However, now there is a new system that has just been launched called “Safe Simple Commissions”. Let’s take a look at the video and then do a further investigation.

Check Out Safe Simple Commissions

Safe Simple Commissions is a new membership designed by Bill Gregory who just got sick of all the other gurus who were ripping off innocent newbies. It provides clear-cut instructions on how to set up affiliate commission campaigns by incorporate top converting products (with huge commission payouts) with a foolproof traffic generation strategy.

Rather than having to go through all the rigors of setting up a home-based business from scratch the hard way, Safe Simple Commissions offers a cookie cutter affiliate campaign platform that is very user-friendly to setup. Using the templates provided, members just follow the instructions and implement the customized campaign templates in the recommended high-traffic areas.

How To Make Simple Commissions With FacebookEveryone who has even made a single attempt to make money online with affiliate marketing knows that you don’t make a dime without traffic. Website traffic is the key to any online business. However, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming to go out and generate your own online traffic. That is why it is important to utilize existing resources rather than reinventing the wheel. There are plenty of major websites out there that have extremely high-traffic areas of which educated users can take full advantage.

These high-traffic areas are not just any frequently-visited sites. They are in areas where online users are looking who are ready to buy the exact products you are promoting as an affiliate. Because of years of research and testing has gone into the development of Bill’s formula, Safe Simple Commissions is guaranteed to allow any new members to earn money online or they receive a full refund within 60 days (backed up by ClickSure).

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Project First Sale Review – Make Money Online For Free

Project First Sale was first introduced online on January 14th, 2013 to help people without any experience make money online for free. Mark Wilson (the guy in the Project First Sale video above), designed a video course and membership to train affiliates on how to get their very first sale.

Once that hurdle has been passed, the rest of making money online for free comes naturally because then you have a foundation for your residual income business. It is all about setting up affiliate niche websites and getting free website traffic to them. Project First Sale shows people the exact formula they use for making money online without having to invest in expensive advertising.

It is all done with free traffic from the search engines, social media, etc. Not only do you focus on selling your affiliate products from marketplaces like Amazon, ClickBank, eBay, etc, you are also given the formula for list building.

Building an email list allows you to capture leads. These leads are the foundation for any successful marketer. They allow you to market to those targeted and qualified prospects time and time again. As your campaigns grow and your traffic begins to spike, you do not want to lose those visitors.

Wilson’s course has an intuitive video series that provides the proven mechanism for making money online for free predominantly with email marketing and niche website creation. Again, once the person has produced their initial affiliate commission, they now know the entire formula for success.

This is because now all they have to do is implement this same formula repeatedly. With every Project First Sale campaign you build, your residual income grows exponentially as your websites are selling on autopilot and capturing those leads for permanent prospects.

Absolutely no experience is required to start making money online for free, and you do not have to purchase anything inside the membership to get started. Everything is provided that you would need to be successful as shown in the video, but there is a 60 day refund policy backed by ClickSure.

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Unique Article Wizard Review and Tutorial + FREE Bonus!

Automated Article Marketing For Long-Term SEO Benefits

Unique Article Wizard is a very clever automation SEO software tool developed by Jason Arnold and Allegretto Publishing. It has been helping online businesses and affiliate marketers get incredible search engine rankings. This is because of the automated article marketing that works with Google – not against them. Achieving great search engine rankings for popular, lucrative, and targeted keywords is the ambition of any online business, and the Unique Article Wizard provides the all-in-one solution (as you will see in this Unique Article Wizard review). Article marketing, blogging, web 2.0 properties, profiles, etc are the tried and true way to get backlinks to your site. The key is to get backlinks that are quality and highly relevant to your site’s niche or market. They also have to be contextually placed within unique content.

With the recent Google SEO algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin, EMD, etc), many websites and online business that used shady/black hat SEO techniques had their traffic (and revenue) suffer greatly. Google wants to see webmasters actively engaged in their niche and providing quality, unique, and relevant content. This means that all of the automated SEO software and artificially created backlinks are now being detected by the GoogleBot and other web crawlers more efficiently and more inevitably than ever before.

However, when correctly using UAW, webmasters have only noticed an improvement in their rankings and a corresponding increase in their free, organic traffic from the search engines. How exactly does this work? Well, it is because the UAW software is so intelligent, it does not let any non-unique, low-quality, incorrectly formatted content be distributed. UAW has multiple layers of protection, including automated software filters and human reviewers.

If you have about 30 minutes to spare, please let us take a look at a Unique Article Wizard review video that shows exactly how this works and the best practices on how to apply it for SEO.

Unique Article Wizard Review and Best Practices

You may use this link to get UAW and qualify for the free bonus, or you can watch the Unique Article Wizard Review on YouTube and follow the instructions in the description.

From the video review, you can see exactly how the Unique Article Wizard interface makes automated content syndication almost effortless. You simple write three unique articles that are structured in the same manner. You write one original paragraph,and then two unique rewrites. You then do this again for all the other paragraphs.

To make your content even more unique, it is recommended that you spin words and sentences as well using spintax. You can use software, such as The Best Spinner, Spinner Chimp, or any other spinning software. There is spinning software freely available online, but you can easily do it in Word or even Notepad.

Even within incorporated any additional spinning techniques, the UAW system works to transform your three original articles into hundreds or thousands of unique articles. These articles are then automatically submitted to high quality directories every day, and the number of submissions can be set with each project or specified in your defaults.

There is also the possibility to specify and complete your author profiles. This allows easy submission to directories, such as Ezine Articles, Article Base, Article Gather, etc. Content can be submitted completely hands-off, or you can simply preview a randomized version of your content and copy it to your blog, web 2.0 properties, forum profiles, micro blogs, or anywhere else you need unique, original content. When you refresh the preview, everything is randomized once again!

Being able to include videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and all other video sharing sites, makes it an even more powerful search engine optimization tool. It helps to rank your videos in the search engines which will include another link to your website. You will get traffic from your videos as well as your articles’ resource boxes, but the search engines also count these as votes for your site.

The best part about UAW is that you know the content you get each time is unique and of high quality because you have created it yourself. However, you haven’t spent weeks and months hand writing all of this content and submitting it by hand as well. This saves you an enormous amount of time and effort.

With the Unique Article Wizard, you also get free access to the Social Exchange It system that provides the solution for getting more social signals which boosts your search engine visibility even more!

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Bring The Fresh – Make Money Online with SEO

Bring the Fresh is an online community developed by Kelly Felix and Mike Long that teaches ordinary people how to create a passive income online with SEO. You can read the in-depth Bring the Fresh review here.

So what exactly is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. Bring the Fresh teaches people exactly how to create money-making websites from scratch with ease. Then, they show you all the top methods of getting those sites to rank high in all the search engines for major, lucrative keywords. This makes it possible to make an extremely high passive income.

The key is to get highly targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When your sites rank for certain keywords, you are getting free traffic that is looking to buy the products or affiliate products you are promoting. This allows you to generate commissions time and time again. The more sites you set up, the more commissions you generate.

Let’s take a look at this video that explains search engine optimization more in-depth:


For More Info and Bonus Details, Click Here

Rather than paying for traffic using Pay-Per-Click methods, SEO is focused on getting 100% organic, free traffic from the search engines. This can make any online business very profitable, but it also gives the little guys a chance to make money online.

Even if you don’t have any of your own products to promote, you can sell affiliate products and make a commission online. It may seem like your website will easily rank in Google and other search engines, but the fact is, you have to do a lot of things correctly.

SEO Basics – Keyword Density

You have to have your website optimized for certain keywords. You don’t want to spread your content too thin, but you also do not want to have too many random keywords (known as “keyword stuffing”). Having the optimal keyword density is critical, but this varies from site to site. Larger sites will have a lower keyword density, but 4 or 5 post blogs will want the keyword density to be around 1.5-3%.

Making sure that you have all of your meta tags correctly will also help. You want to add your keywords in your titles, tags, categories, and headers. This is the most obvious way that search engines can tell what your site is about.

Backlinks and Off-Page Optimization for the Search Engines

Once you have your on-page SEO done correctly, you will have to create quality backlinks to show the search engines that you care about your website and that you are engaged in your niche market. Getting a ton of high quality backlinks can be a tremendous amount of work unless you know a few essential short cuts. This is what you will learn in Bring the Fresh, but you will also learn a lot more.

To go to the Bring the Fresh website directly, click here.

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Best Web Hosts: iPage Review or Host Gator?

Hey guys! My name is Jeroen Waning (from, and I wanted to share my web hosting experience with you. In fact, I want to review my years and years of dealing with different web hosting companies, and hopefully you’ll be able to deduce what works best for you.

Let’s just jump to the end result here real fast. I have been with iPage for nearly a full year now, and I have absolutely no intentions of using them as my hosting company ever again. Let us go through this review video (see it on YouTube) I’ve uploaded, because there you’ll see that I used to be a happy customer with them. This was before I found out about Host Gator, and decided that it Host Gator was the best web host.

iPage Web Hosting Review on YouTube (OLD NEWS)

NOTE: This video is an old walkthrough, but iPage is now running really slow and has a lot of downtime. You will definitely have much better success with Host Gator because it is lightning fast and never has any downtime. Host Gator also offers all the same stuff plus a WHOLE lot more!

 Click here – Best Web Hosting Deal

Of course my bonus is available to you here as well if you sign up with Host Gator above!

Next, you will want to go ahead and download your free bonus package for SEO and web development training:

Just enter your name, email, and receipt number. You can go there and watch the video to see what exactly is in it before you commit to the purchase.

Recap: Why Host Gator?

Well, I hope you were able to get everything from the video above, but let us just summarize the reasons why I love it and why you should definitely consider it for your web development and hosting solution for your online business(es).

  • Unlimited domain hosting, email accounts, disk space, and bandwidth
  • First domain is free
  • High-grade security features
  • #1 reliability in the industry (lowest downtime)
  • Absolute best price (with discount above)
  • Super simple domain transfer
  • Seamless WordPress installation and setup
  • Quick page loading times
  • 24×7 live chat support
  • FREE bonus package for SEO

I mean, the list can just go on and on, but I’m sure you get the gist of what they offer. If you have ever wanted establish an online business, you probably understand now that having a website (or multiple ones) is mandatory. To have a website, you need web hosting. That is why it isn’t about deciding whether you need it but which one to choose.

If you decide to choose Host Gator for your web host, I highly recommend you sign up to become an affiliate like me (as discussed in the video). You earn huge commissions per valid sale. If you are using their service yourself… just how easy would it be to promote it?

If you choose to download my bonus package, you will learn web development with WordPress and the same SEO methods I use to get traffic. Web development and SEO go hand-in-hand these days because a website or online business is nothing without traffic. SEO allows you get to get organic traffic through the search engines. This is why I provide you my bonus package to help make sure that you get the most out of your Host Gator hosting service. It is important that you succeed in establishing a solid online business and utilize all of the great features of Host Gator by understanding how they can work to your advantage.

See, when you use the discount link here, I get an affiliate commission* (see video for explanation), and in return, I give you my bonus software and training package 100% at no additional cost that provides helpful information to make setting up an online business easier. Make sense? If not, just watch the video again.

Don’t Care About My Bonus?

You don’t need to utilize the bonus guide/software for the same purpose as me. The thing is, if you have a hosting account with Host Gator, you can host unlimited domains in that one account for that flat annual (or monthly) price.

Another thing is, if you buy a domain from Godaddy, it isn’t obvious as to how you painlessly transfer this domain over to your hosting account. My point is, everything about how to set up a professional-looking website with ease is discussed in the free guide in the bonus package. You can also easily purchase your domains from Host Gator and everything is taken care of for you (no setting nameservers, etc).

Instead of spending months to learn how to make a website or paying thousands to a professional web developer, you can just implement the simple techniques in the bonus package and utilize the Host Gator resources (simple WP installation, site builder, etc) to have your beautiful, personalized and customized website site up in minutes without it costing you a single extra penny.

Thank you very much for your time! I wish you all the best.

-Jeroen Waning

iPage Web Hosting & Bonus

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